Long Term Memory in AI - Vector Search and Databases

NOTE: COS 597A class times changed for Fall semester 2023. Classes will be held 9am-12noon.



Long Term Memory is a foundational capability in the modern AI Stack. At their core, these systems use vector search. Vector search is also a basic tool for systems that manipulate large collections of media like search engines, knowledge bases, content moderation tools, recommendation systems, etc. As such, the discipline lays at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Database Management Systems. This course will cover the theoretical foundations and practical implementation of vector search applications, algorithms, and systems. The course will be evaluated with project and in-class presentation.


All class materials are intended to be used freely by academics anywhere, students and professors alike. Please contribute in the form of pull requests or by opening issues.

On unix-like systems (e.g. macos) with bibtex and pdflatex available you should be able to run this:

git clone
cd vector-search-class-notes



Class work includes a final project. It will be graded based on

  1. 50% - Project submission
  2. 50% - In-class presentation

Projects can be in three different flavors

Project schedule  

Some more details